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A crucial factor for a company's continued success is the right management, but the competition for experienced and skilled managers has never been tougher.

Understanding and commitment are essential qualities possessed by our senior recruitment consultants, ensuring the discovery of the right candidate. We recruit managers and senior specialists for roles such as CFO, HR Director, IT Director, Sales Director, Department Manager, Project Manager, and roles in corporate management.

We work with the foremost recruitment methods and tools on the market. Our senior recruiters have years of experience and carry out the entire recruitment process, from job description to hiring. With our expertise and access to our network we ensure a swift and effective process, and we work with recruitment methods and a process that makes our clients feel secure that they are hiring the right managers and senior specialists. We use a competence-based recruitment process that focuses on the abilities required for the position, this contributes to a more fair and unbiased selection process. We conduct both in-depth interviews and work with psychology tests to ensure the right match between the organization, the position, and the person. We believe in going the extra mile to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied.

Access our network for executive search

Finding the perfect candidate for an executive role is about identifying people with extensive experience or specific expertise. As a result, traditional recruitment channels often struggle to find the candidate that businesses truly need. The key to a successful executive recruitment is a broad network. With us as your recruitment partner, you gain access to our candidate network, consisting of both actively and passively job-seeking candidates throughout Europe.

Winona is one of Akind. Together we have over 25 years of experience in recruitment. Read more about us and our shared history here.

Our recruitment process

We start every Executive Search process with a thorough needs analysis of the assignment and job profile. It's vital for us to understand your business in order to assess the qualities and experiences required for the specific assignment.

Therefore, we appoint a recruitment team consisting of senior recruitment consultants and when needed, researchers. To ensure an effective and high quality process, the team acquires knowledge about your business: goals, future challenges, values, and corporate culture. In the next step of the process, we reach out to people in our network and conduct an analysis to identify and contact the candidates that best fit the role. We work with the leading search tools on the market and, in consultation with you, we also provide any necessary advertising in selected media.

We conduct in-depth interviews, quality-assurance testing, and extensive reference-taking of the selected candidates. We then present the candidates who best match the job profile to you. The process is completely transparent for you as a customer - we will keep you updated through every stage.

What is executive search

Executive Search is a specialized recruitment process aimed at finding candidates for managerial and leadership roles or positions that require specific skills or candidate profiles. We can help you identify the right candidate for the role you are seeking.

Recruitment is a major challenge for most companies, and when it comes to recruiting for key positions with specialist skills or experienced managers and leaders, it's important to ensure that the process is handled correctly from start to finish. At Winona, we always put the customer's needs at the center of our work. Our proven recruitment process, combined with our experience and broad network, ensures a comprehensive and effective recruitment process that we are certain you will be satisfied with.

If you need to recruit for a shorter period or for a specific project, we can also help with that. Read more about our Interim Management service here.

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