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Interim Management

It can be hard to find an experienced manager or senior specialist with specific skills for a limited period. With the help of our network and experienced recruiters, we find the consultant who is the best fit for the role. The need for Interim Management may arise during an ongoing recruitment, sick leave, parental leave, or due to an organizational change.

We begin every recruitment process with a needs analysis of the assignment and the job requirements. In order to identify the important qualities and competencies for the assignment, we need to understand your business: your goals and future challenges. Later in the process, we conduct a mapping where we identify and contact the most interesting interim consultants, followed by interviews and reference-taking.

The right interim management is critically important

In today's global and digital market, it is more important than ever to be able to act quickly. The risk of being without strong leadership or specific expertise for a longer period can quickly affect organizations' continued growth and position in the market. With the help of an interim management solution from Winona, you can be confident that you will secure your organization's deliveries and development.

With an interim management solution, you get the right person in the right place until you have recruited a permanent replacement or completed your project. Of course, we can also help you with the recruitment. Read more about our Executive Search service here.

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What is interim management

Interim Management is hiring an experienced manager, leader, or senior specialist for a specific period of time to fill planned or spontaneous gaps. We specialize in interim management and can quickly help you get in touch with experienced candidates who can ensure that your organization continues to develop and deliver according to plan.

Our experienced recruitment experts use our broad network to ensure that we can connect you with the right person for the position you are seeking. For interim positions, we generally recruit candidates who:

  • Have the ability to quickly evaluate and analyze new situations, and translate this into practical action plans.
  • Can inspire and motivate employees in different contexts.
  • Have a proven track record of achieving set goals. Can formulate a clear development plan to hand over to the client/successor at the end of the assignment.

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